Phantom vs. Vandal Usage by Team during Champions Groups

Phantom vs. Vandal in 2022 Pro Play

Below is a graphic using the most recent closed VCT event from each region to estimate the popularity of the two premier guns in the Valorant pro scene. Vandals still are the most popular, although just like 11 months ago, NA remains split on the issue.

Credit: Phantom vs. Vandal 2022 Challengers by Sam Rosenberg

North American Open Qualifier 1 Agent Picks

Throughout the first open qualifier tournament of 2022, a number of agents stood in the spotlight. Across many maps, Astra and Sova were present, but the degree to which they dominated, and the agents that surrounded them, changed on a map by map basis. Below are graphics detailing the play rate of different heroes depending on which map was being played.

Is Fracture Attack or Defense Sided?

Inspired by Sideshow’s video at, I wanted to visualize whether teams were winning on Fracture more frequently on attack or defense as we head into champions. That graphic can be seen below:

New Location for Flesh and Blood Content!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for tuning into and looking at all the visuals I’ve been making for flesh and blood. As of now, future content (as well as previous content) will be posted on! This is mainly to keep people interested in my Flesh and Blood content from needing to go to my personal website and give the FaB work the space that it needs to grow hopefully.

I’m super excited to see where the work will take me, and I can’t wait to keep working on some cool new stuff in the coming months. Thanks again, everyone!