Living Legend Tracker Flesh and Blood

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A fully updated tracker is available HERE:

Below is a graph including all officially counted and unofficial points towards Living Legend in Flesh and Blood. The new points (shaded lighter) come primarily from Road to Nationals events. To see those results, check out my tracker at

What is Living Legend?

The criteria for how living legend is calculated are available at If a hero reaches the 1000 point threshold, they are removed from competitive play. These points come from all types of tournaments and define the loose “rotation system” in the Flesh and Blood card game.

The Visual

Thanks for all the support so far. I’m excited to be making these for people! I’ll be adding more living legend graphs as LSS makes more data available.

Analysis of Living Legend

As can be seen in the results so far, Chane has gotten off to an early lead, despite Katsu’s official 100 point headstart from past tournaments. As more heroes are added, the rate of growth in past heroes is likely to slow. But as top heroes like Chane get retired, others who may have been countered by Chane historically will likely improve their results.

The Living Legend mechanic is one of the unique parts of the Flesh and Blood Card game, and seeing where this list develops is crucial in understanding the near-term future of the game. I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts about how fast they think heroes will start getting banned. Would you take the over or under on 2.5 heroes retired by the end of 2022? Personally, I’m inclined to think that Chane, Katsu, and maybe 1 other hero will be banned before the end of next year.

All these unofficial points so far are exclusively from community-level Road to Nationals. With more RtNs next year, Skirmish events, and large competitive tournaments, it seems like the lead being developed by Chane will only grow. By the end of the single RtN season, he’ll likely be nearly 30% of the way to being banned. Pending the contents of Tales of Aria, that could be enough to get him banned by the end of the season this year.