VCT 2023 Pacific Playoff Bracket Interactive

Welcome to the Grebnesor Analytics Interactive Playoff Bracket for the VCT 2023 Playoffs. Click the teams you think might win, and see the chances your bracket occurs according to our model. When you hover over a game you haven’t yet chosen, you see the likelihood either team has to win the match! If there’s no opponent, the model is simply looking at the number of future scenarios where the team you are hovering moves on.

Here’s a video explaining all the different parts and how they work! The relative probability is the most unintuitive part of the graphic, and stems from how many brackets out of a maximum possible are still possible after a certain number of games have been decided. More info is available in the video.

Please report any bugs through the comments or contact me page. The graphic can get a little wonky if you change the early rounds of the tournament. If you run into issues just click the “clear bracket” and things will go back to how they begin.

As one might expect, DRX and Paper Rex have the highest probabilities to make the finals and win the tournament! The top two of this bracket will make it to Masters Tokyo, so being in those top 2 is certainly where teams hope to end up.

I’ll be posting a video explaining how the bracket model works. Once the stage is set for the two other regions, I will create a bracket for those too! Thanks for taking the time to check out the model. Thank you also for all the support people have shown throughout the season!