2023-2024 NFL Interactive Playoff Graphic

I built an easy way to create and share your playoff predictions for the upcoming 2024 playoff tournament! I couldn’t find anywhere online to fill out an easy NFL graphic that handles the re-seeding that occurs after the first round. So I made one! Click whoever you think will win each game, and the logic will automatically handle who plays each team. Make sure to finish picking the first round because the second round will be set based on whoever wins the first. Share your picks with your friends by taking a screenshot, and then be sure to tell them about that site! Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Reach out to me via email or Twitter if you have any issues.

Big thanks to https://freebiesupply.com/ and Wikipedia for the team logos. If there’s an issue with using these (because of the NFL or the Logo site), contact me.

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