Who and Where Had the Best Aim in Masters 1?

Masters 1 seems like it was just yesterday, and we already are in full swing in the qualifiers for Valorant’s Masters 2. I still wanted to take a look back at Masters 1 to see what stats look like at the pinnacle. This visual looks at the headshot percentage of players around the scene and their performance during this first major tournament. To make the most of the visual, you can hover over any of the circles to see the player with that specific headshot percentage. Behind each region’s data, a boxplot shows the median and spread of each region’s results.

I did not go through robust statistical analysis (although I can look into that in the future). Rather, this is meant to give a good idea of how the regions compare at an overall level. It’s possible to see who the standout competitors are when it comes specifically to aiming and headshot percentage.

Clutches in Challengers Finals and Masters 1

The stats above detail the total percent of clutches pulled off by players in Masters 1. You can select a minimum number of total clutches to make sure the sample size is to your liking, and searching for a played shifts them to the far left of the bar graph. Hovering your mouse (or clicking on mobile) displays the total number of clutches participated in and the number of times the players found themselves in a clutch situation.

Masters 1 Visualization: What to Expect

masters header NA

Hello, Sam here! Sorry, there haven’t been visuals coming out for a bit now; I’m working on some cool stuff. I hope everyone who comes to this website enjoys it. In the coming weeks, I should be working on some data visualization about the recent Masters’ tournaments occurring worldwide. I will probably be making some static visuals and solidifying my style for those projects (likely something similar to the Jett visual). In somewhat important news, I’m likely going to be working with runitback.gg in the future, both in where I receive my data and, more importantly, where I make my visuals. Any interactive stuff I make will be placed on this website as a static image, linked to the runitback article where my visualization occurs. A handful of other smaller stuff will be happening over there, so make sure to check them out. With that said, that is very much not what I’ll be doing. However, not all my stuff will be on that site, so I encourage you to check back here regularly for exclusive data content.

On this site, I’m taking reader suggestions! Leave a comment on this post, at the contact me form, or over on my reddit at u/Flameserpent. I’m excited to hear people’s ideas and want to hear what you guys find interesting. Currently in the works are general interactive visuals with all the Masters data, region by region comparisons of different descriptive statistics, and other fun projects! Thanks everyone for all the support so far, I really appreciate it.

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[Pinned] Weapon Usage in 2021 Professional Valorant

Credit: The Rise and Fall of the Stinger in Professional Valorant by grebnesormas

Above is an interactive visualization for the guns North American pro players have been using in rounds by tournament since First Strike’s finals. Click the different guns to choose different comparisons. There are plenty of different questions that can be answered, so I’ve written some observations about some of the ones I find most interesting below.

What happened to the Stinger?

The Stinger was a gun that found popularity in the ranked queue potentially before it became a professional strategy. The popularity of the stinger was slow but steady as the game progressed. Starting with the First Strike, the stinger was a niche pick by certain players, but as the months wore on, more and more teams were replacing eco rounds with stinger buys. Challengers 2 was the last stand for stingers before they were nerfed, and the pick rate peaked at around 16% of guns used in rounds being stingers. The nerf hit, and the stinger went nearly extinct overnight. From there, we can see classic rounds (in which no gun is bought) increase, as do sheriff buys. People clearly are finding alternative strategies to the stinger, but the gun itself is well and truly out of the meta. Finally, there was a talking point for a bit about how a stinger nerf would be the return of the Operator, as people would finally have the money required to pick on up in round 3/4. So far, looking at the data, this is not the case. The Operator remains at a steady spot around 4.5%.

The age old debate: Phantom or Vandal?

From First Strike to Challengers, we’ve actually seen a switch. The game went from around 32:22 Phantom: Vandal to almost the exact opposite. Whether that constituted a 5% player-base switch from the Phantom to the Vandal, or simply different teams attending different tournaments, it’s hard to say for sure. There remains a solid balance with no single clear gun of choice in NA, and with Challengers, 3 things got even closer to even.

Let me know any takeaways you come to from the interactive in the comments (I think this site has comments?), or go to the contacts page with any recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site, have a good day!