Who and Where Had the Best Aim in Masters 1?

Masters 1 seems like it was just yesterday, and we already are in full swing in the qualifiers for Valorant’s Masters 2. I still wanted to take a look back at Masters 1 to see what stats look like at the pinnacle. This visual looks at the headshot percentage of players around the scene and their performance during this first major tournament. To make the most of the visual, you can hover over any of the circles to see the player with that specific headshot percentage. Behind each region’s data, a boxplot shows the median and spread of each region’s results.

I did not go through robust statistical analysis (although I can look into that in the future). Rather, this is meant to give a good idea of how the regions compare at an overall level. It’s possible to see who the standout competitors are when it comes specifically to aiming and headshot percentage.

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